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Issue and return keys

Issue, Return, Re-issue, Return and Issue to a different Keyholder with simple to follow wizards.

Follow up overdue keys

Quick check if any keys have not been returned on time and have all the information to contact the key holder on hand.

Categorise key holders

Give key holders different default settings and text for key issue acceptance forms, confirmation reports and emails depending on their role within your organisation.

 ...Working with your locksmith

Update your systems

Import updates to your key system from your locksmith or lock manufacturing company email, or end-to-end encrypted over the internet using the ProMaster Publishing Service.

Order more keys

Create orders for additional keys in ProMaster Key Manager 8 and send the order to your locksmith via email.

 ...Standalone systems

Update your systems

Use the intuitive interface to record changes to your systems one key or door at a time. Or make many changes by using the built-in bulk change functionality or importing CSV files.

Order more keys

Create orders reports for additional keys to be cut and confirm when the new keys have been received.


Print or email reports

  • Produce crisp clean professional looking reports with logical and consistent layouts. Reports have a wide range of options for selecting the information to include in the report and which data to display.
  • Keys - The keys in your systems with the option to show doors and/or key holders
  • Key hierarchy - The keys in your system presented in a tree style hierarchy
  • Doors - The doors in your systems with the option to show keys and/or key holders
  • Keying matrix - The keys and doors in your system presented as a matrix with many options for what to show
  • Key holders - The key holders that have been issued keys with the option to show doors
  • Key issue acceptance - Report with configurable text and listing the keys being issue for the key holder to sign
  • Key return confirmation - Report with configurable text and the keys being returned for the key holder to retain
  • Key cabinet - The keys that held your key cabinet(s)
  • Key quantity by status - The keys with the quantity of issues for each status
  • Overdue keys - Key holders and the keys that are overdue
  • Lost and broken keys - Keys that are lost and/or broken with options to show who and/or when
  • Compromised doors - Doors that are compromised by the loss of keys
  • Orders - Key orders with information about each order
  • Key order history - Keys with information about past orders
  • Key issue activity - List of key issues with information about key holder, issue time and status
  • Fees - List of fees with information about who, when and how much

Reports may be saved in PDF format and emailed. Email support for MAPI mail programs, Outlook, SMTP, Encrypted SMTP (e.g., Office365). Emails are sent in HTML, allowing full control over appearance. End user report writer available as a separately licensed feature in the Premium edition.

 ...Document storage

Store all sorts of documents with your system and with your key holders including Outlook messages, Word and Excel documents and PDF documents. Import images or acquire directly from your scanner.


To ensure tight security, ProMaster Key Manager 8 has a wide range of security settings that your administrator may grant to each user (e.g., Data entry, issue keys, lose keys, etc.).