ProMaster Key Manager 8 product editions

Locksmith controlled systems
Records of keys, doors, and key to door relationships by importing from ProMaster Master-Keying 8
Standalone systems
Record keys, doors, and key to door relationships by entering them directly
Issue and return keys
Record when keys are handed out and returned
Key Holder
Record details of people who are issued keys and categorise them
Lost and broken keys
Record when keys have been lost or broken and by whom
Group individual keys as a single unit for issuing and returning
Enter, authorise, send, and receive orders for additional keys
Overdue keys
Tracking and key holder notifications
Send notification emails to key holders or email reports via Outlook, MAPI, or SMTP
CSV exports
Export a range of data, including key holders, keys on issue, doors, and keys to comma separate text files
Context sensitive Help
Open the help file directly to the section that relates to the area of the program you are using
Network install
Access your database from different PCs over a network
Multiple simultaneous users
Have multiple users login at the same time from different PCs
Record the collection of deposits and lost/broken key fees
Multiple key cabinets
Represent your physical key cabinets and what keys are stored in them
Key cabinet restricted by user
Restrict users from issuing keys from some key cabinets
Key cabinet restriction by key holder category
Restrict key holders from being issued keys from some key cabinets
Key issue packets
Issues keys by placing keys in opaque packets with unique identification labels
Pre-issue keys and email
Pre-authorise keys to be issued to key holders and notify them by email
Risk categories for lost keys
Set a risk level for keys for use when reporting on compromised doors
Systems restricted by user
Restrict users from accessing from some systems
Document storage
Store and access scanned key holder acceptance forms and system documents such as building plans
Key issues
Store scanned key issue acceptance, authenticate by password, authenticate by signature pad
Data interface service
Run a service to automatically import updates to key holder details from csv files
Custom report builder
(Optional feature) Design and build you own reports