Enterprise - inTelligent Synergy

E-TS is a comprehensive shop and service management application. It is an extremely useful tool, developed with the latest computer software to make the most of modern mobile technologies.

E-TS is the latest major release for the Enterprise software family. E-TS is the next generation job management solution taking the technology of E3 to new heights.
E-TS reflects the feedback and wishes of E3 users, the capabilities of modern technology and best business practices.

E-TS is for

E-TS is the ideal job management tool for any external service based business, such as:

  • Locksmiths and security professional
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Glazers
  • Landscapers
  • Appliance repair services
  • Property maintenance companies
  • Handyman services
  • Mobile Mechanics

Take your business to the next level

  • E-TS allows you and your staff to perform all your daily operations with the one database. From client communication to invoicing to stock take, E-TS handles it all ensuring consistency and accuracy as well as excellent customer service.
  • E-TS is the complete software package designed to manage your service industry business, enabling you to serve and monitor your clients from the first contact to the final sign-off.
  • With the E-TS software system you can dramatically improve the efficiency of your business, creating greater productivity and profitability.

E-TS Key Features

E-TS provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Purchasing
  • Inventory & stock management
  • Cash handling
  • Banking
  • Reports
  • Client and staff details
  • XERO© integration
  • Multi-part job scheduling
  • Job time tracking
  • Mobile staff locations
  • On-site pricing via mobile applications
  • On-site invoicing via mobile applications
  • On-site quoting via mobile applications

Job locations and navigation is made simple with Google Maps© integration:

  • Address spelling is always correct
  • Exact longitude and latitude is populated
  • Service staff can navigate to the exact longitude and latitude with their phone

For existing E3 users, take a look at:
What's different to E3

Cloud services are NOT used for storing your data. E-TS is a family standalone applications that run on your own hardware.
You have complete control of all your data, at all times, as E-TS's databases are stored on your own server hardware.

E-TS Compatibility

Accompanying Mobile device Applications
  • Support for Android and up
  • Support for iOS and up
Integration with XERO
  • E-TS allows you to perform your accounting functions in XERO by exporting summary data from E-TS
  • Now you can take full advantage of XERO's features for accounting functions and communicating with your Tax Accountant and manage your day to day work effectively. It's the best of both worlds.
PaymentExpress PxPay2 support
  • Make it easier to accept payments from your clients.
  • With PaymentExpress PxPay2, payments can be made online by your clients by following a link in their invoice PDF.
  • Transactions paid online are automatically recorded in E-TS and reconciled to the correct invoice.
PaymentExpress EFTPOS Tupelo support
  • Ensure the correct payment method and amount are always recorded at the front counter by having E-TS directly control your Tupelo EFTPOS terminal
Softphone caller ID integration
  • E-TS can leverage the ability of many SIP Softphone applications to launch an external application (in this case E-TS) to populate the last phone number from the softphone's call history.
  • This eliminates incorrectly entering client phone numbers and enables an instant search of clients details before even answering the phone.