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How to change the location of my ProMaster Key Manager 7 Database

How to change the location of my ProMaster Key Manager 7 Database

There are numerous reasons for wanting to change the location of your ProMaster Key Manager 7 database; freeing disk space, moving to a faster disk for better performance or simply for adhering to company policy.
However, moving it to a drive that is fully backed up should not be a reason. See the topic Backing up your data in the ProMaster Key Manager 7 Help file.

It is important to note that the location that you intend to move the database to must be physically connected to the PC running the PMKM Server services.
It cannot be a mapped network drive or a symbolic link to a network location.


In these instructions, it is assumed that the host operating system is installed to the C drive with default system environment variables.

Step 1 - Backup

Using KM7Backup.exe, perform a backup of your database.

This will be used to create the database in the new location as the database file should never be directly copied.

Step 2 - Open the Alias file

Run Notepad (or similar text editor program) with Administrator rights.

From Notepad you will need to open and edit the Alias file for the Firebird Database Engine used to connect to your database.

Open the file for editing that is appropriate for your registered version of ProMaster Key Manager 7.

  • For the Basic versions of ProMaster Key Manager 7 the file is;
    • on x86 machines: C:\Program Files\WH Software\KM7\FBE\aliases.conf
    • on x64 machines: C:\Program Files (x86)\WH Software\KM7\FBE\aliases.conf
  • For the Premium versions of ProMaster Key Manager 7 the file is;
    • on x86 machines: C:\Program Files\WH Software\KM7\FB\aliases.conf
    • on x64 machines: C:\Program Files (x86)\WH Software\KM7\FB\aliases.conf

Step 3 - Edit the Alias file

A default Alias file contains just one entry;
  • KM7=C:\ProgramData\WH Software\KM7\Database\KM7.fdb

Edit the entry after the equals symbol (=) to define the new location and file name for your database.
The file name must have the ".FDB" extension

If you have multiple environments (are licenced for more than one copy of ProMaster Key Manager 7) then there will be multiple entries, each on a separate line.
See this Article. You will need to ensure that you are editing the correct entry.

Save the changes and close the Alias file.

Step 4 - Restore

Using PM7Backup.exe, restore the backup file you created to the same environment from which it was created.

Step 5 - Test

Check that you have reconfigured ProMaster Key Manager correctly by;

  1. Check that a database file has been created where you expected it.
  2. Rename the original database file (C:\ProgramData\WH Software\KM7\Database\KM7.FDB)
  3. Then check that you can log in to ProMaster Key Manager 7

Step 6 - Tidy

Only once you have verified that you are able to connect to the new database should you consider removing the unused database from the default location.
Leaving the original database in the default location won't cause any issues with ProMaster Key Manager, but may cause confusion in the future should additional changes ever be needed.

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