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How can I replace the Server that hosts my ProMaster Master Keying database?


When a computer has ProMaster Master Keying installed as a server regardless of the type of hardware or operating system it also holds the license/activation file and the database. All workstations configuration files will be pointing to this database. The main database stores the location of the document store database.


The first thing that must be done is to contact WH Software support@whsoftware.com and advise that your server is being replaced, don't forget to include your registered company name so that we can find your details. We will then notify you when another activation can be made. Then follow the steps below.

  • Before doing this process, ensure your current server is running the latest version of ProMaster 7, which we would expect. In doing this, it will save time in having to possibly do any database upgrades.
  • Login to https://activate.whsoftware.com/index.php locate and download the latest full setup.
  • Install this on the new server, selecting the option as a upgrade, so not to install a new database.
  • On the existing server, you need to copy the database(s).  The best way to implement this is to do a backup using the Backup application PM7Back.exe which is located C:\Program Files\WH Software\PM7.  If you are using the Docstore, ensure the tick is turned on for this option when doing the backup.  Ensure there are no errors during the backup process, which will be displayed in this process.
  • Copy the backup file(s) from the original server to the new server.
  • Once done, do a restore selecting the "backup being restored is the main database" using PM7Back.exe.
  • On the new server login as "Admin", then from the "Admin" dropdown menu select "Document Store Database..." from this window you will need to change the name of the server from the old to the new.
  • Go back to the PM7Bacup.exe and do a restore selecting the "backup being restored is the DocStor database".
  • Then login as Admin again and select the "Admin" dropdown menu select "Document Store Database..."Then click "Test Database Connection..." and run through all the tests.
  • On the server you need to now login as a user, ProMaster Master Keying will then prompt you to activate, make your selection (Usually over the internet) and activate the software.

Your server should now be complete. On each workstation you will need to modify the configuration file to point at the new server. The configuration file is called PM7.ini and is located:

Note: Make sure you can see hidden files and folders 

  • Windows XP the configuration file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WH Software\PM7
  • Windows Vista, 7 the configuration file is located in C:\ProgramData\WH Software\PM7

An example of old server being called "server1" and the new server being called "server2" 





You will need to make sure your Update, Support and Maintenance is current before installing a newer version of ProMaster Master Keying.

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24th of May, 2012

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