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I am getting an error when trying to communication with my Silca Key Machine - Silca Error 5002?

The most common error you will see when trying to communicate with a Silca machine is: Silca Error 5002. A simple process of elimination will solve the problem.

Open the machine property window in InstaCode, check the COM port selection number corresponds with the actual com port the machine is plugged into on the computer.

Select the particular model if applicable, or Variant e.g. International or USA depending on the type of machine.  Finally click the Read SN button to populate the serial number from the key machine.

USB to Serial Adaptors - We have had a couple of people recently buy expensive USB to serial adaptor cables which don't handle key machine communication. Best you go to your local Radio Shack (USA) and buy the cheapest brand USB to serial adaptor cable.  Two USB/serial brands we have encountered no problems with is Prolific and Belkin.

Or is the key machine switched on, yes silly to say but it does happen.


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13th of March, 2013

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