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How do I find and use PIN Code converters

InstaCode has a number of tools for performing calculations pertaining to the immobiliser PINs of vehicles.
In InstaCode these calculation tools are referred to as "Plugins".

To access the Plugins you must perform a specific vehicle search and open the series that is for the vehicle's main operating key.
Once the series is opened, open the "Tasks" menu and select "Plugins..." (If the Plugins option is not present then the specific vehicle that you have entered in the original search criteria has not been associated with a Plugin).
The Plugin window will open. At the top is a dropdown list for you to select the Plugin you wish to use.
As most vehicles are only associated with one Plugin this dropdown list is usually irrelevant however a few vehicles do have more than one Plugin associated with them.

In the lower portion of the Plugin window are the fields where the known information is enter to perform the relevant information.
Each Plugin has its own set of required information that you must enter.
Once you have entered the relevant information, click the calculate button and the result will be shown.

If you want to have a quick look at the Plugins you can find them by searching for these vehicles:
Nissan X-Trail (T31) From 2007
                Nissan NATS 5
                Nissan NATS Siemens Europe
                Nissan NATS Siemens Germany
                Nissan NATS Siemens Mexico
Volkswagen Golf (MK3 / A3 / Typ 1H) 1995 to 1999
                VAG Pin 7 to Pin 4 Conversion
Acura Integra (DB6 - DB9 / DC1 - DC2 / DC4) 2000 to 2002
                Acura Code
Honda Accord (Gen 6 / J30A1) 2000 to 2003
                Honda Code
Hyundai Accent (LC) 2000 to 2006
                Hyundai/Kia Code

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30th of October, 2011

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