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Silca Leonardo Key Cutting Machine Requirements And Operation

The Silca Leonardo machine was produced to be a stand alone key duplicating machine.  WH Software identified a greater use for the Leonardo as a means to improve productivity when manufacturing master-key systems and to achieve this WH Software has worked in conjunction with Silca to provide an interface between ProMaster 5, ProMaster Master-Keying 7 and the Leonardo machine.

The Leonardo interface it restricted to card data required by ProMaster. Due to a combination of technical and licensing restrictions, the interface is not available to any other programs including InstaCode and Kreate-A-Key.

ProMaster Requirements

The minimum version of ProMaster 5 to communicate with the Leonardo machine is

A Leonardo download license for ProMaster 5 must be purchased to enable the Leonardo download functionality.

All versions of ProMaster Master-Keying 7 communicate with the Leonardo machine and the Leonardo license is included with your ProMaster Master Keying 7 at no additional charge.

Leonardo Requirements

Your Leonardo must be running firmware version 1.3.017 or later.

Using The Leonardo

  1. On the ProMaster Manufacture Job window, choose the Leonardo for the key cutting machine.
  2. Make any other selections you require for reports and key markers then click Manufacture.
  3. Initially there will be no Leonardo machines defined. To define a Leonardo machine click Add then choose the port on which your Leonardo is connected. Click Read to retrieve the serial number from your Leonardo then enter a description (e.g. the Location) of this machine and click OK.
  4. ProMaster needs to send data to your Leonardo to tell it about the cards you use. This process is required only initially, or if your Leonardo is factory reset, or if you wish to use additional cards. To send card information, highlight your newly added Leonardo entry, click the Cards button, select all cards that you use, then click Download Cards.
  5. Finally, with the correct Leonardo entry highlighted in the list, click Next, choose your download options then click Finish.

Remember, steps 3 and 4 are not needed after initial configuration unless you must for some reason retransmit cards or if you add another Leonardo.


You do not need to retransmit card data each time you cut keys, only for new machines, machines that have been factory reset or if you require additional cards.

If you have multiple Leonardo machines, be sure to send the card data to each machine.

Generally keys will be stamped first, then loaded into the Leonardo feeder in the same order. Be sure not to mix up your keys between stamping and placing them in the Leonardo.

There are two ways that the Leonardo operates with a job - Manual Cycle or Automatic Cycle. In Manual cycle the Leonardo cuts multiple issues of a key then waits before beginning the next key. Manual cycle is started by pressing the Start button. In Automatic cycle, after finishing all issues of one key the Leonardo continues with the next key automatically. Automatic cycle is started by pressing the key combination Shift Start.

On your Leonardo console, when cutting is in progress, press and hold the Clear button for 2 seconds to interrupt the cycle. Do not attempt to interrupt the cycle by opening the shield. The cycle will stop after the current key.

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