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My PC has died how do I remove the allotted activation.

When an organisation decides to upgrade their computers they systematically de-activate the software off the old computers.  This procedure reinstates their activation count limit which will enable them to re-activate the software on new computers.

If one of your computers has suddenly died and you need to re-activate your software on a new computer but your activation count limit has been reached then the records at our end need to be updated to allow for the recent death of your PC.  Luckily we have a procedure in place which will allow us to remove the obsolete activation associated against your recently deceased PC.

Simple process of elimination, all you need to do is obtain and email us the AID: numbers from all your other computers running your most current version of the software.  We will cross reference your AID: numbers against our records and remove the activation that is not accounted for, obviously the dead PC.

Hold down the Shift button on the keyboard then with the mouse click on the Setup menu and then select “Change Registration”.  You will see at the bottom of that window the AID number as shown below.

Email us though the AID: number and your registration details so we can remove the Activation from our records, allowing you to re-activate the program on a new PC.

aid 2.jpg

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29th of May, 2014

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