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How do I create a Custom Series and Card?

When you first open InstaCode, in the top left corner is Search, Tools, Setup & Help, click on the Tools menu and select Custom series/cards… from the dropdown menu.

Making a custom series

Step 1: Series

In step one of the wizard we describe the series, define the start and end, and optionally add a note or manufacturing notes against the series.

  • The series start and series end must be the same length.
  • Numeric parts of the series start and series end produce the sequence of codes
  • Non-numeric parts of the series start and series end must be the identical.

If you are creating a direct code series, be sure to select the data storage as Direct Code (rather than the default of Bitting Table), otherwise you will be required to enter every available combination which can be very time consuming.

Step 2: Manufacturers

In step two we select one or more manufacturers from the list, or if your manufacturer is not present you may enter it in the data entry box and click the Add Manufacturer button.

Step 3: Depth and space information

In step three you may either select an existing card or define your own depth and space data.
Most often you would use an existing card.

If you define your own card, you must be extremely careful to ensure that correct information is entered. Incorrect information will damage some key cutting machines.

To define your own card, you must:

  • Enter a card number (in the range 20000 to 20999)
  • Specify if the key is double sided
  • Enter the key blank blade width
  • Enter all the required dimentions of the key spaces, depths, flat width, cut type and cut angle
  • Specify which key cutting machines are allowed and enter any other data specific to your key cutting machines
    The machine specific data is grouped on tabs according to manufacturer.

Step 4: Key blanks

In step four we define the key blanks for the series.

  • Select the Key Blank Manufacturer from the first list
  • Select the Key Blank from the second list
  • Click the Add button

Step 5: Bitting data

If you chose the storage as Bitting Table, the step five is where the bitting table is defined.

  • First, enter the bitting width and click the Create button
  • The width defaults to the number of spaces on the card as this will most often be the number of cuts used
  • After creating the bitting data storage, enter the bitting values or click Import to import them from a text file

Step 6:

Step six gives you an overview of the data you have entered before you click Finish to save your series.

Using Your Series

To use your series, simply search for it like you would any other InstaCode series.
For your series, the Lock type is shown as Custom.

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