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How do I deactivate an existing Activation for ProMaster Key Manager 7?

Before moving a ProMaster Key Manager 7 database from one PC to another (either Basic or Premium versions), you must first deactivate the application on the current PC.
For Premium versions, the deactivation may be performed from any connected workstation, which will deactivate the server.

To do so, follow these steps;

1. Login as the user 'admin'.
2. Hold down the Shift key (on the keyboard), while using your mouse pointer to select 'Setup and Admin' on the Title menus, then 'Change Registration...'
3. Here you will now see a Deactivate button on the bottom left.  Press this which will bring up an Product Deactivation window.
4. Continue and press the Deactivate button which will generate a deactivation code.
5. Email to us the Deactivation Code in order to remove this activation.  Email us at:  support@whsoftware.com

f you PC/Server is not accessable (i.e. will not boot), then you will need to email support@whsoftware.com with your registartion details and an explanation of the situation so we can manually clear the activation record.

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12th of February, 2018

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