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  1. questionWH Software products on Virtual enviroments
    WH Software products implement anti-piracy technology that ensures the software can only be activated on a single physical machine. As such WH Software products do not support virtual environments which are not provided a stable and consistent hardware configuration by their host. All load bala ...
  2. questionI need InstaCode Live on more than one device. What can I do?
    I need more than one copy of InstaCode Live! Each InstaCode Live registration is for a single device. So if you are needing to InstaCode Live on more than on device (mobile or PC), then additional registrations will be required; Your InsatCode Live account may have as many registrations as you ...
  3. questionImport your Saved Clients from your desktop InstaCode software to InstaCode Live.
    InstaCode Live for Android and iOS is able to import your Saved Clients from your desktop InstaCode software. This is completed by performing the following steps: Create an XML export of your Saved Clients from the Desktop software Transfer this XML file to a system like iCloud Drive or Google ...
  4. questionI've added features to my InstaCode Live for use on my PC and I can't use the feature?
    If adding any feature to InstaCode Live for use on a PC, you need to re-enter your existing registration to activate this. To do this: Open InstaCode, select Setup, then Change Registration and Change. Selecting the first option "I have a 16 character InstaCode Live registration code" and press ...
  5. questionInstaCode Live keeps crashing on my iPhone / iPad
    To recify this: Locate the InstaCode App Icon on your device. Uninstall the InstaCode App (press and hold down the InstaCode App Icon until it begins to shake, you see an x appear in the top left corner of the icon). Touch the (x) that has appeared over the InstaCode App Icon to uninstall Inst ...
  6. questionI have the Opening Add-on, but do not have the Opening tab?
    You will need to search by Make, Model and Year of the vehicle to see the Opening tab.
  7. questionNo Submit button on registration view
    This only occurs on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s if the user is connected to a phone call at the same time as is trying to enter their InstaCode Live registration. The solution to this problem is to end the phone call and try again.
  8. questionInstaCode Live - release July 2014
    Sorry there has been no questions to answer yet. If you have any, please contact us to submit a question.