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ProMaster Master Keying 7 Certification

To help you succeed in today's competitive job market, whether you are looking for new opportunities or advancing in your current position, you need to constantly build on your technological expertise and skills.

When business owners evaluate new apprentices or consider the competencies of existing employees, many employers recognize the value of a ProMaster Master Keying Certification. This in-depth Master Keying Certification is designed to provide you with the necessary skills you need to help you excel throughout your locksmithing career and provide employers with validation of your skills.

Official List of Certified ProMaster 7 Course Graduates

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"I would like to thank W.H. Software and Jeremy for a comprehensive and successful week of training in Promaster 7.

It gives a solid grounding in how Promaster works, and then progresses firstly through Data entry and then onto Coding in the final days. Our class featured a wide mix of international pupils, all with different skill levels when it came to using Promaster. The training is structured to cater for all levels, and everyone who attended learnt new skills relevant to their work environment. I suppose the most valuable thing was understanding what Promaster can achieve, and how to do it easily and efficiently.

Looking forward to the next year's training."

- Steve
Corporate Locksmiths Limited

ProMaster 7 Course Overview

101 - "Systems User"

  • Load and manage system details
  • Load and manage doors
  • Load and manage keys
  • Manage the relationship between doors and the keys
  • Load and manage signatories
  • Create and process jobs/orgers
  • Utilise document storage
[Course Requirements: none]

102 - "System Administrator"

  • Configure profile and barrel relationships
  • Configure system types
  • Configure factories
  • Maintain head colours
  • Manage application parameters
  • Configure the document store
  • Manage locks and hardware
  • Configure users
  • Manage backups
  • Create a customized Excel form
  • Apply updates and renew support & maintenance
  • Configure ProMaster online
  • Understand ProMaster 7 usage of installed printers
  • Understand the activation service
  • Recover lost passwords
[Course Requirements: 101]

201 - "Basic Coder"

  • Demonstrate and understanding of standard key designations
  • Demonstrate and understanding of rankings
  • Demonstrate understanding of Design Rules
  • Utilise the design assistant to create a satisfactory design
  • Utilise the automatic coding feature to assign codes
  • Create a system design using the Coding Tree
  • Understand the relationship between the coding tree and coding matrix
  • Add descriptions to progressions
  • Understand the effect of the SOP the order of codes within the tree and matrix
  • Assign key head colours
  • Lock out a group of codes future use
  • Find phantoms and identify the cause
  • Replace a key
[Course Requirements: 101]

202 - "Advanced Coder"

  • Manually write out all the codes (including all incidentals) in a 6 pin system
  • Manually load a progression
  • Manually Assign Codes to keys
  • Create a simple "lost ball" method construction keyed system
  • Delete a design and "start again"
  • Promote a profile
  • Change a design so that the existing Master becomes a sub to a new Grand Master
  • Understand why systems that are created and maintained in the coding tree are easier to follow
  • Utilise custom progressions
  • Convert existing progressions in to a custom progression
  • Use Custom progressions to represent non-symmetrical systems
[Course Requirements: 102 & 201]

301 - "Key Manager"

  • Install and Activate Key Manager
  • Explain the various configuration options
  • Configure users
  • Import a system
  • Create a local system
  • Create bunches
  • Create Key Holders
  • Order Keys
  • Issue keys
  • Print reports
[Course Requirements: 202]

401 - "Teacher"

  • Further consideration needs to be given to the specific requirements of this level.
  • It may be reasonable to have a competency test pertaining to the relevant areas requiring a very high pass mark. However it is important to note that just because someone understands a subject does not mean they can teach it. It is reasonable to expect that anyone holding a Training Cert in ProMaster 7 should be completely competent to the level they are teaching and have sufficient experience or training to be able to communicate the required concepts to students.
[Course Requirements: invitation or nomination only]

402 - "Advanced Teacher"

  • Effectively this accreditation is by invitation only.
  • The ability to review an applicant's body of work and reject anyone who would not faithfully represent WHS is important. This certification process is to be solely driven by WHS and their decisions would be final.
[Course Requirements: invitation or nomination only]