E3 New Features

What's new for E3

E3 is the next generation job management solution built on the technology of Enterprise, reflecting the feedback and wishes of Enterprise users, the expectations of modern technology and best business practice.

Searching Improvements

Search for clients by looking at their alternative job addresses.
Searching for invoices now looks for contact, company name and address in all fields Searching for invoices, jobs and quotations now has quick filters for the date range to examine.
Search for clients by looking in client notes.
Find inventory by searching for supplier part codes “starting with” rather than “exact match”.
Option to search for only inventory items that are in stock.
Find inventory by searching for “each word” in a description, so for example you may search for “key red cut ford” and a part with the description “Ford Transponder Key (Red Head) (cut)” would be located.
You may now find a client for payments by searching for the invoice number.
Relaxed searching on customer order numbers when finding invoices.
Improved phone number searching for finding invoices and jobs by attempting various punctuation combinations.

Document Storage

E3 has been fitted with a document storage sub system, allowing you to store documents and images for referencing against invoices, jobs, quotes and clients.
Documents may be loaded from files, captured from your scanner, or images pasted from the clipboard.
Options to automatically archive copies of documents are provided so that you have a snapshot in time of your invoices and quotations.

Email Improvements

A new email aggregator results in your customers receiving a single email containing their invoices and statements rather than multiple emails.
Everywhere you specify email address you may enter more than one email recipient’s address.
Gone are the days of Outlook intercepting your email and requiring confirmation for each email sent. Now E3 can send your email through Outlook without user intervention.


Client discount structures have been enhanced to allow specific item pricing in addition to discount and mark-up pricing.
New reporting for client debt collection.

Integration With MYOB

E3 allows you to perform your accounting functions in MYOB by exporting summary data from E3 for use in MYOB Accounting. Now you can take full advantage of MYOB’s features for accounting functions and communicating with your Tax Accountant. The best of both worlds.


Pictures have been added to inventory. Great for assisting shop staff in identifying the item they are selling.
Now you can duplicate not only inventory but also inventory groups.

Job Improvements

Rich text support in job instructions so you can emphasise important points.
Ability to name your job priorities to best suit your business.
Easier access to set job priorities when managing jobs.
Added a new concept “External Job In Workshop” that allows you to send an external job to the workshop, and while the job is under workshop control it still appears in the external job queue. On completion of the workshop part of the job the job must be returned to the control of external jobs.
When you are managing external jobs or workshop jobs you now have the option so see jobs from all queues.
Better security is enforced by mandating password changes for new users.
Job time allocations are fully editable, allowing tighter job time tracking.

Picking Forms

You may now print picking forms for jobs as well as invoices.
Picking forms have been enhanced, showing you inventory groups with their contents.

Stock Take

Just line invoices and jobs, stock take data entry is now a ‘non-modal’ task, allowing you to perform other operations while you are in the process of entering your stock take results.
Stock takes now give you the option to include or exclude work in progress values from your stock count.
Stock takes include new selection choices, ability to sort the data various ways, copying, zeroing and even an import wizard that allows you to bring in your stock take quantities and locations from a file.

Communication With Your Clients

When you add a client communication to a job, quotation or invoice, there is now a selection list for the communication subject, allowing for uniform and faster data entry.
Quotations have a follow up date and functionality is provided to locate and print quotations requiring a follow up.


Quick selection of order delivery address from any outlet or from any linked invoice.
Popup supplier notes are available when selecting a supplier for a purchase order.
A new security right controls who may release purchase orders, so you may have some staff create an order but to release it a greater authority is required.
New reporting for outstanding purchase orders to assist in chasing your suppliers.
A minimum purchase value may be stored against a supplier and the ability to release purchase orders below this minimum is controlled by a new security right. This aids in reducing the number of small purchase orders that might otherwise attract freight charges from your supplier.
You may now rearrange the line items on a purchase order.
Now, when you link an invoice or job to an existing purchase order (such as when you are holding a purchase order until the minimum purchase value is reached), you are assisted in the process of adding the invoice/job items to the purchase order, and a receipt instruction is added to each item on the purchase order.

Importing And Exporting

Wizard for exporting and importing streets making street management easy.
Wizards for exporting and importing suppliers.
Wizards for exporting and importing clients, client job addresses.
Wizards for exporting and importing inventory, inventory groups, inventory pictures, inventory holding levels, inventory suggestions and inventory suppliers.
Wizard for importing stock take data.

Label Printer Support

Shipping labels and optionally a return address label may now be printed direct to your dedicated label printer.
Inventory price labels are also now printed to your dedicated label printer, reducing printing costs and eliminating printing problems associates with sheet labels.


Invoice line items now allow large amounts of notes on each item, allowing you to provide a comprehensive message to the customer. These notes are automatically populated from any notes you define for your inventory items and you have complete control over editing them.
You may specify that for a client the invoice line item note is mandatory, to ensure your client requirements are fulfilled.
Deposits taken and outstanding amount are shown at the bottom of printed invoices, alongside the invoice total so the customer is more certain of their obligation.
Invoices, and optionally dockets, print the new long invoice item notes.
A new option on invoice line items allows you to specify a gap after that line item, enhancing the printed result.
A See-Also concept has been inaugurated so that you may form an association between invoices, jobs and quotations and easily jump to the associated ones.

Usability And Technical

Comprehensive online context-sensitive help is provided in all areas of E3.
A new look and feel with simpler layouts has been adopted, using more explanatory messages and onscreen graphics.
A spell checker and thesaurus have been incorporated to aid in the production of professional quality invoices, quotes etc.
Windows Vista support has been emphasised to future proof your investment in E3.
A major rewrite of the PDF generation now outputs rich text better, resulting in improved presentation quality and much smaller file sizes, particularly for quotes and invoices with moderate amounts of text.
Optimisation in a number of areas has resulted in several tasks being performed considerably faster.
In addition to quotation templates and job templates, Standard Paragraphs have been added allowing you to define a bunch of text just once and then reuse it within your quotations, invoices and jobs.

Plus many more stand-out features.