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InstaCode - Server Installation

Important information for Network Administrators when configuring a server installation.

InstaCode Workstations access all data on the Server via a Windows Network Share called “ICDataFiles”. The Windows user on the Workstation must have full permissions to the shared folder. To automate this as much as possible, when the Server is installed, the network share is automatically created;
  • With the creation of the network share, all “Users” that can be found are given “full” permissions.
  • This includes any users that are listed locally on the PC as well as those listed on any Domain Controller (if the PC is part of a Domain).

So if the PCs (Server and a Workstation) are not part of the same Domain, the InstaCode installer cannot automatically account for the differing user credentials on each PC. As a result you must manually create the same user credentials on the Server to match those of the Workstation and assign the appropriate permissions to those credentials on the “ICDataFiles” share.

Server Activation

Because the InstaCode server uses a separate executable to provide the required data to the Workstations (via the network share), InstaCode’s actually executable DOES NOT need to be activated for the server to operate. So after completing the server installation, registering, activating and importing any old data on the server, InstaCode can be run and deactivated from the Setup menu without effecting the ability for Workstations connecting successfully.

Backup considerations

If the server is not used regularly to access InstaCode (i.e. it is deactivated) then custom user data will NOT be regularly backed up and cannot be backup without running and activating InstaCode. As solution to this, InstaCode can be run with a switch “-userdump” which will create a backup file in the %PROGRAMDATA%\WH Software\IC\9.0\UserDump Folder. The File will be called “ICUserDump.ifs”.

It is recommended that you use Windows Task Scheduler (or a similar tool) to run a batch or command file to run InstaCode in this was and copy that backup file.

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18th of August, 2016

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