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How can I activate my InstaCode if I am not connected to the Internet?


InstaCode must be activated before it becomes operational.

There are two ways to activate InstaCode, so you may choose the solution that best fits your situation.

If your computer is not Internet connected, use the second procedure, Manual Activation.

Activation InstaCode

When InstaCode requires activation, click the Activate button, then make your choice from one of the following two procedures.

Activating Automatically - If your computer is connected to the Internet, always take the first option - it is the fastest and easiest. To perform the activation automatically, select the option Do the activation automatically (this computer must be connected to the internet) then click Continue. The activation is performed with no further input required.

Manual Activation - Manual activation allows you to activate over the telephone, or by performing the activation on another computer that is Internet connected.

1. To perform a manual activation, click on the option Activate over the telephone, then click Continue.

2. Copy or print the information shown as we will require this.

3. Then, on another computer that is connected to the internet, open your web browser (Typically Internet Explorer) and type in the web address https://activate.whsoftware.com/Activation.php

4  Enter the company name, registration and activation reference in the places provided. These fields must be exactly matched and are case sensitive.

5. Then, click the Request Activation button. Your Activation Code will be displayed.

6. Record the Activation Code and then take it to the InstaCode computer where you must enter it to complete the activation process.

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28th of December, 2011

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