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My pinning chart is showing incorrect pinning in ProMaster?

On occasion you might observe that the pinning information shown on a pinning chart does not appear correct.  Specifically, the pinning information is not matched to the key cuts that are displayed on the pinning chart.  This explains how this situation may occur, how to identify it and how to remedy it.

If you observe pinning information on a pinning chart that is not correct for the key codes on that door, please follow these steps to verify the cause of the issue and correct it.

  • From the Reports menu, select Coding then Door Pinnings.
  • In the Door Pinning Report window, choose to do the report for a Selection of doors, and select one or more of the doors in question.
  • Preview the report and verify that the pinning is correct on this report (and that is not the same as the pinning chart produced by the job)

Now, having identified that ProMaster Master-Keying 7 has calculated the correct pinning information, follow these steps.

  • Open the job, and return it to data entry.
  • Release the job to manufacturing.
  • From the Manufacture Job window, preview the pinning chart and verify that the pinning information is correct.


When a job is released to manufacturing, ProMaster Master-Keying 7 makes a history snapshot of all doors on the job.  All paperwork produced for doors on the job use this history snapshot.  In the normal course of events this process would not highlight any issues.  However, if you change the keying of doors after your job is released to manufacturing, your changes will not be reflected by the job. ProMaster Master-Keying 7 has no way of knowing that you made a mistake in the system and are now correcting it.

Avoiding The Condition

To avoid this condition, either:

  • Ensure your system is correct before releasing jobs to manufacturing


  • If you need to correct a system after the job is released to manufacturing then you must return the job to data entry and then release it to manufacturing, thereby creating a new history snapshot for that job.

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26th of October, 2011

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