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How do I update ProMaster Master Keying 7?


From time to time, as required, WH Software produces updates to ProMaster Master Keying. Such updates can be for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • New Features
  • Bug fixes
  • New Design modules
  • Changes to Lock Manufacturer's specifications
  • New Operating System support

It is recomended that you keep your ProMaster Master Keying as up-to-date as possible for reliability and support purposes.


The first thing that must be done is to ensure that you Support & Maintenance is current and that the current Registration Details are registered in your ProMaster Master Keying 7 database.
Check the status of your Support & Maintenance status and registration details, login at www.whsoftware.com.
If you do not have a login, see the article "How to create an account on www.whsoftware.com?"

  1. Check what the lastest version of ProMaster Master Keying 7 is at www.whsoftware.com/PM/PM_Downloads.php
  2. Login at www.whsoftware.com and view the details of your ProMaster Master Keying registration.
  3. From there download the update file (PM7Update.exe).
  4. Ensure that no-one is logged into ProMaster Master Keying 7 from any other PCs.
  5. Run the latest PM7Update.exe on the ProMaster Master Keying 7 server only (there isa no need to run the update on any workstations).
  6. Follow the on screen instructions of the Update.

Your server will now be running the latest version.

Updating workstation PCs, if required

On each workstation you will need to run ProMaster Master Keying 7 with permissions to write to the Program Files* folder and then login as any user.
The workstation will then prompt to update the workstation to the version that is running on the server.
Once it has updated the workstation ProMaster Master Keying 7 will restart and be waiting to login. If you changed the Windows user running ProMaster Master Keying 7, close it and restart in the normal manner (if you do not then ProMaster Master Keying 7 may not be able to interact with other applications such as email clients)

* Running ProMaster Master Keying 7 with rights to write to the Program Files folder is usually achieved by right clicking a ProMaster Master Keying 7 icon and selecting "run as Administrator"). However the this may vary slightly depending on your network infrastructure.


You will need to make sure your Update, Support and Maintenance is current before installing a newer version of ProMaster Master Keying.

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6th of December, 2017

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